Monday, April 05, 2010


Today is Pasquetta or little Easter - what we call Easter Monday in Canada. I'm not sure why we get the day after Easter off but it appears it is part of the celebration in many countries with Christian traditions.

I remember in Poland it was Śmigus-Dyngus (Wet Monday)a day on which a boy drenched the girl he fancies with water and (don't ask!) whips her across the legs with a willow branch. The later tradition - part of a mating ritual - had pretty much disappeared and the water soaking was the main focus when we were there. And as I recall prospective matrimony was not central to the act, just soaking someone for the fun of it.

Here in Roma almost everything closed so this is a day to picnic or to go for a stroll with friends and family and enjoy the first signs of spring. And walk off the calories piled on by all the elaborate chocolate goodies that were consumed over the weekend.
On previous Easters I've posted photos of some of the gloriously over the top Easter Eggs for sale in Pastry shops here and bought to give to loved ones. However I don't think I had ever seen eggs quite as fanciful as these in a shop window in Milano.
Always one to prefer fashion to food Laurent got this chocolate tie from the Easter Bunny this year. Fashion tip: Don't wear it with a white shirt!

05 aprile - Pasquetta

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yvette said...

Won't you have a nice bite of this smart chocolate tie with Laurent? (Too nice to be eaten really). The word Pasquetta reminds me of the French word 'Pâquerette' which is the small wild daisy which flowers in fields for Easter and we also have this tradition of Monday Easter outings, picnics out of cities to enjoy the first Spring display. Every religious happening seems to follow the great moments of nature. Have a peaceful end of Easter Monday and special thanks for
your always very documented texts on Art. I enjoy them and always learn something.
( By the way,do you happen to know the old English song 'Daisy Daisy give me your answer do..'' with me things always ring a musical bell ;)

sageweb said...

I hope you had a wonderful easter! thanks for the card..very nice.

Lorraine said...

Yummy tie!