Saturday, March 03, 2007

Short Legs in the Snow

Reese in the snowKristina, our housekeeper in Warsaw, called Reesie "Nishki" (a bad transliteration as everyone knows that in Polish there has to be a least one letter with a line through it somewhere.) Apparently it is a term of endearment for a child but I've never had the heart to tell Reese that it translates as "short legs." But in his case it's certainly true - he's legs can't be more than 3 inches long. This can be a real problem with steps or on a snow day.

Reese in the snow 2And yesterday was definitely a snow day. We only got 20 cm but the winds were high and bitter and the ice pellets stinging. Today is one of those strange days - its either overcast with snow or bright sun and melting.

Reese has always liked the snow - it's great for burying your nose in. But this year there hasn't been much hardpack so the odd foray off the deck has resulted in a stranded daschie. Its hard to go either forward or backward when you're halfway up your chest in snow and your butt is stuck. Twice now the rescue brigade has sprung into action.

Snow ToesOf course there's also the drawback of having hairy toes in weather like this. The snow sticks to your feet and can be really uncomfortable once you get back inside. That is unless you look really pathetic and someone comes along and dries you off. And maybe if they're a kind loving person who cares about poor sad daschies (and doesn't everyone) gives you a biscuit to warm your feet.

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laurent said...

Hey Reesie looks great. Those are good pictures of him.