Sunday, March 18, 2007

Bad Day at Black Rock - A Touch of Whimsy

Yesterday was not a good day for Reese. As well as being a snow day - more of that white, wet, cold stuff to plow through just when he had found some grass - it was also bath day.

A good Doodoo

So there you are in the middle of a great morning doodoo and suddenly you're scooped up, taken upstairs and dumped into the bathtub.

The Water Torture

First he gets you wet - all over! - then this foamy stuff! - tastes awful! - then more wet, more foul foamy stuff, then wet again. All the time he's cooing "what a good boy" - is there a choice?

Hide and he won't see you.

Once you're back on solid ground, make a beeline for the towel and hide your head. That way he can't see you, just in case he wants to put you back in the tub.

Roll in the towel

If you roll around on the towel he may not use that hair dryer to inflict more torture on a poor defensely puppy. Okay I'm thirteen but I can still do defenseless puppy.

You hate me don't you?

See! If this look doesn't shame the bastard, nothing ever will.

Help my nose is wet.

So he gets my nose wet, I'll just dry off on that expensive oriental carpet. Serves him right.

Now a picture?

And now he wants a picture?????

I don't think so!

I don't think so!

(I should probably avoided this sort of whimsy but what the hell, he's my best buddy and I think its as cute as all get out!)


laurent said...

Reesie is so cute, those are good photos.

Anonymous said...

aw ... poor guy ... :(

don't be so mean, willym ... :P

see y'all at work tomorrow!

David Smith
2 dogs

BigAssBelle said...

oh poor little Reese!! You are a heartless, cold thing to torture the little puppy in such a manner.

Aren't they just irresistible? I can't imagine life without these dogs. Your baby is precious.