Sunday, February 03, 2013

Winter Wonderland

Okay we get this straight from the beginning - I do not like winter!  Every year for four, five or, since this is Ottawa, six months I curse the gods that made my family turn left when they hit Montreal rather than right.  I dislike the cold; I detest wearing five layers of clothing; I hate the gravel that the soles of your boots pick up and deposit in entrance ways; I do not enjoy snow shoeing my way through drifts to get to the bus; and while I'm at it I'm not to fond of the bus which smells of damp wool and is awash in melting snow.  I do hope I'm making myself perfectly clear - I DO NOT LIKE WINTER!

However there are times when a falling of new snow on the landscape can have that look of a charming picture postcard and I sigh at the beauty of winter.  Just as long as I don't have to shovel or go out in it fine.  I am more than happy to look at it - marvel at the beauty of what cold can do to droplets of water and move on to the warmth of hearth, home and a glass of wine.

The picture I've used as a header the past few days is a winter scene from Saskatoon.  I'm not sure where in Saskatoon or even where I found it but it is rather lovely in a Bergman-Pushkin way. 

Can't you just imagine walking through this enchanting landscape: the silence; the whiteness; the virgin snow crunching under your feet; a rosy glow infusing your cheeks; a bone-chilling cold cutting through your undershirt, flannel shirt, two sweaters, scarf, goose-down coat, ear-muffs, toque, insulated gloves, two pairs of wool socks and mukluks.   No thanks I'll just sit here and throw another marshmallow on the hot chocolate:  winter really is lovely - in pictures!

03 February -1916: Parliament buildings in Ottawa, Canada burn down.

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Debra She Who Seeks said...

Some things are best enjoyed in theory rather than in practice, it's true.

yvette said...

Gazebo under snow, very Eugene Onegin atmosphere after the dual....nice to gaze at from a relative distance....

Anonymous said...

I can identify your photo of Saskatoon.. it's the Vimy Memorial bandshell. It is located in Kiwanis Park in downtown Saskatoon, just south of the Bessborough Hotel.