Monday, December 10, 2012

Lunedi Lunacy

Well I may as well stop trying to fight it and give in - Christmas is only a few weeks away and the decorations are up in most places.  The carols are piping over the sound systems in stores, malls, train stations and I would gather airports.   I understand that the Christmas "specials" are appearing on television (I keep thinking that we really should get one but then I think, why bother?).  The endless annual repeats of Rudolf, Charlie Brown's Christmas, The Grinch and Frosty the Snowman are once again thrilling young and old.  Bing is singing about all our Christmases being white,  miracles are happening on 34th Street, wonderful lives are being revealed to despairing bankers and babes are getting lost in Toyland.

 So I thought I'd start the season, for me at least, with one of my favourite Christmas "specials" back from the days when a "special" really was "special".  The guest stars are fabulous if in some cases faded,  the bonhomie is as fake as the snow and the host is as venal in his search for gifts as we all really would like to be.

Here's the opening number from PeeWee's Playhouse Christmas Special.

Now you explain to me why this hasn't become a annual event on television? Oh well alright there was that episode with PeeWee in the "playhouse".... okay lets not talk about it! After all its Christmas in the Playhouse.

December 10 - 1902: Women are given the right to vote in Tasmania.
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Debra She Who Seeks said...

I wonder if the Del Rubio Triplets are still alive?

David said...

You won't escape it here. Even M&S has the usual repetitive round of jazz Xmas piped music. I am now staying out of places like Pret and certain other coffee shops because of it. Though I'm less bah-humbugish about the illuminations, some of which are exceptionally beautiful this year.

Anonymous said...

JEEZ ... did I really watch this when I was a kid???


Remember ... when you hear today's SECRET WORD, SCREAM real loud!


Well ... far as I know, I turned out ok ... BUT, I'm sure the jury's STILL out on that ... You can probably ask any family, friends, co-workers, etc ... :)

MERRY HO-HO to all for the upcoming Christmas holidays! May all be surrounded by friends and family for years to come ...

David Smith
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