Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Mercoledi Musicale

Back in 1972 the unlikely chart topper was a song based on the life and work of Van Gogh.  Don Mclean's Vincent, along with the eponymous song, was one of two hits from his album American Pie.

The album was dedicated to Buddy Holly and the title song has often been associated with that fatal plane crash that may well be thought of as "the day the music died".  Mclean himself has never been pinned down as to its meanings.  When asked once what it means he responded "It means I'll never have to work again."

Vincent was written as a tribute to the genius of both the painter and the man - someone who Mclean admired greatly.  The references to Van Gogh's works and life are many and have been catalogued in various places.

For some of us growing up in the early 70s those two songs had a resonance and a meaning that romanticized the loss of a defining artist and the belated recognition of a great one.   And I might ingenuously suggested that Starry Starry Night speaks more eloquently - and simply - of Van Gogh's work than many of the ponderous dissertations in catalogues and art magazines.

30 May - 1832: The Rideau Canal in eastern Ontario is opened.

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Debra She Who Seeks said...

It's one of my favourite songs too. In fact, that whole album is great -- there's not a bad song on it.