Sunday, March 18, 2012

Wish We Were There

Since Vin started running the Roma Marathon I believe this is the first time we haven't been on the side lines with Larry cheering him on.  And it was always such a thrill to see him coming out of the crowd at the end wearing his medal and announcing his time.  Unfortunately today we could only be with him in our hearts.

The Marathon starts at the Arch of Constantine beside the Colesseo and goes for 42.195 kms through the city.  The runners go as far West as San Paolo and cross the Tevere five times  to Parco di Villa Glori in the East and back to the Colesseo.  We always waited at various points in Centro to urge him on - leisurely walking from one to the other, I might add, no running for that group.

Larry always has a bouquet of flowers waiting for Vin at the end of the race - and there was one year if memory serves a Pooh Bear balloon.   This year Vin completed the race in 3 hours and 35 minutes - which I believe (though they might want to correct me) beat last year's time.

Caro Vin I only wish we could have been there to shout: Vai Vai along the route and offer complimenti at the finish.  And then join you and Larry at Valentino's for a celebratory lunch.

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