Sunday, November 27, 2011

Larry's Advent Calendar

My dear friend Larry's blog has been dormant for the past few months and I was afraid that another cherished tradition may be about to fall by the wayside: his Advent Calendar.

But I'm overjoyed to report that once again this year he will be marking  the days leading to Christmas with a daily picture and verse .  In previous years he's taken us through Roman doors and gates, allowed us to gaze through Roman windows and given us glimpses of the angels that guard the city.  This year he's quenching our thirst at a few of the many fountains that are found in his - and previously my - adoptive city.

As always I will be posting a sidebar link so that you can open a window each day and share the sights and words of Advent with Larry.  Given the time change it may be a little late in the day when the window is opened but opened it shall be.  A click on the image above will take you to his posting for today - the First Sunday in Advent.

There are some traditions I'm happy to see continue and don't ever want to lose.

27 novembre/November - Prima Domenica di Avvento

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Shari said...

Excellent news! Thank you for blowing the angel's horn!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Great! I look forward to counting down the days with the fountains of Rome!