Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Long Overdue HFH Videos

Its been a long while since the Hounds from Hell have made a video appearance here - not because they have not been the subject of cinematic projects on my part but because I've been lazy.  Well okay I do have an excuse I have been in moving mode for 11 weeks now and frankly its wearing me down.

I though I'd post  two little clips - one is BC - Before Canada and the other AI - After Italy.

The journey from there to here was a relatively good one - a little bit of excitement at Fumicino as Nicky tried to attack anyone that came near his cage - they weren't going to take him away from his homeland without a fight.  Nora was a little more placid but complained in her own inimitable way.  And for anyone who wasn't aware they flew in the cargo hold of the aircraft: a. - They are too big to fit under the seat and b. I don't believe in animals (or children) in the cabin of an aircraft.  And no we didn't give them any tranquilizers - 33 years experience in the airlines taught me the dangers of that, so we simply put a used bit of worn intimate apparel from each of us in each kennel.  That way there was a familiar smell.  Believe it or not it is the best way to calm an animal in that situation.

They were fine upon arrival and despite some whining made the car trip up to Ottawa with their Uncle Pervy without a problem.  Our dear Betty Jean - to whom be all honour and glory - took them in and they had a wonderful time at Summer Camp Culley.  Even Nicky's attempt to claim - in true canine fashion - her sofa as his own, or at least a lower corner of it,  didn't seem to phase her -she remained calm, cool and... well Betty Jean, then and through the whole 3 weeks she had them.

As for the new apartment - well much is still in boxes so free reign is not possible and the geography of their current area keeps changing as boxes are moved around, wine is stored and pictures hung.  But there is always the daily walks along the Canal - three a day, sometimes four - with new smells and squirrels!  Oh yes there are squirrels and as you may recall Nora's lineage is firmly in the hunting hound world - her mother is a champion boar hunter - so on the odd morning the neighbours have been treated to a full hunting hound howl.  And at 0630 it tends to echo very distinctly across the water.

The future holds some obedience lessons to see if we can get them both socialized a bit better with other dogs and maybe turn Nora's hunting frenzy to a more practical bent.   And then, of course, there will be their first walk in the snow to look forward to - now there's a thought to give me nightmares for a few weeks!

30 agosto/August - San Fiacre


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Just HOW intimate was that apparel?

Blake said...

Thank you from Uncle Pervy. I do love the HFH. I feel the HFH title maybe a litle harsh but of course I do not live with them and only see them on their best behavior.

Anonymous said...

hmm ... seeing the BC video, i kept expecting luke or han to be seen riding through the glaciers of hoth ...

maybe i should get out more?

2 dogs

wersgold said...

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