Saturday, May 14, 2011

Italian Engineering Feets

Yes I know that should probably read "feats" but honestly every time I look at shoe store windows here in Italy I'm overwhelmed by the minds that could dream up footwear like this!  And I'm not just talking about the high fashion centres in Milano or Roma - these photos are from stores in Marsala, Trapani and Argrigento in Sicilia.  Not exactly the captials of the haute souliers. 

Perhaps even more remarkable than the footwear is the way that many of the women here are able to navigate cobblestoned streets and dodge careening motorinos while tottering along in them.  And still keep their poise as the runway models that they all know they were meant to be.

And you know its odd before I came here I don't ever recall looking closely at women's shoes. I've certainly never wanted to wear them - I mean I don't have the ankles or the calves for them and drag has never really been my thing. But damn you have to admire a country that can produce engineers to create footwear like this and more importantly the women who can figure out how to wear them.

14 maggio - San Mattia apostolo

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Anonymous said...

I really like those black ones. Any chance you could pick up a pair for me?