Thursday, September 13, 2007

A Small Garden in the Sky

Simone and Thomas at WorkThere's an enormous garden centre just behind us - on the hill between the 3rd Century Church of Santa Agnese and the Mausoleum of Constanza. Simone, who runs the place for her father-in-law, and her husband have helped us choose plants for the balcony. She and young Thomas (5 years old and already fascinated by plants) came by today to repot and train some new flowering vines. Thomas watered them all and earned 2 euros for his work - an honest day's work deserves and honest day's pay.
Balcony 1
Balcony 2
Balcony 3
Balcony4 Between Betty Jean's contributions (including a wonderful chamomile tree) and Simone's choices the balcony is starting to look like a real Roman terrace.

08 Settembre – Nativita Beata Vergine


more cowbell said...

bless his little 5 year old heart. Mini-terrace looks very inviting.

BigAssBelle said...

oh how gorgeous! your terrace is covered with cobalt tile!!! what a delightful thing to have hanging just outside your door.