Friday, February 09, 2007

Odds and Sods

In a time when government funding is being slashed and charitable donations are down its nice to see that the Breast Cancer Society can pick and choose who it will accept money from: Exotic dancers' 'stigma' too much for charity.
But apparently they will take corporate donations from companies that employ child labour in third world countries. No stigma there.

And it appears the Government does have a place in the bedrooms of some people in the nation: Refugee claimant ‘not gay enough’.
Just when Health Canada is discouraging indiscriminate sex because of AIDS the Refugee board is denying someone’s claim because he wasn't screwing his brains out on a road trip from Central America to Toronto? I don’t even want to imagine what sort of proof Deborah Lamont was looking for – maybe something on PornTube?

There’s a programmer out there who is either unemployed or has too much time on his hands. Enter your birth date here and you can find out all sorts of stuff that you can bore your friends to distraction with. I, for example, was born 21,977 days ago in the Pharonic month Menchir in the season of Poret. OK!

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